D&D Bicycles - Northville

Meet the staff


Mike O'Donnell - Store Manager

Expertise: Triathlons, Bike Fitting & ProjectOne Rock Star
6 years with D&D
32 years in the Bike Industry

Why I Ride: I just like to be outside feeling like I'm a part of the world



Dan Foster - Bike Specialist

Expertise: High End Road & Mountain Bikes, Bike Fit
20 years with D&D
20 years in the Bike Industry

Why I Ride: I started bicycle touring in the late 70's, along with some road racing. I rode from Seattle to Detroit in 1991, and earned the name "Tex" on my first bicycle tour with the cross-countrymen because of the way I would walk in camp after the days ride. This was before I discovered chamois creme and riding shorts. My favorite place to ride is the Tunnel of Trees in Northern Michigan.


Chris Pierson - Bike Specialist



Larry McCune - Bicycle Specialist












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D&D Bicycles - Northville

Just north of Main and Center, on the west side of the street

121 N. Center St.
Northville, MI 48167


Hours of service

Monday - Friday 10am - 8pm
Saturday 9am - 6pm
Sunday 11am - 5pm

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